Angel Message: Manifesting & You by Laurel Bleadon-Maffei


These past few months I’ve been continually reminded about the grace of manifestation. Miracles have been coming to fruition and I feel more inspired and on-purpose than I have in a while. Grace is finding me around every turn and days are filled with delightful surprises. The people around me are flourishing, too, and it seems as if we’ve all turned a corner.

As I was contemplating this good fortune, the angels reminded me of this message they brought forward a few months ago. It carries with it a reminder of your true power when it comes to manifesting what you desire. It is with love that I share it with you.

Manifesting Your Dreams Into the World

You are the optimal portal for manifesting your dreams into the world. Your intentions & actions are the primary way that Spirit can bring to you what you desire. Yes, winning the lottery is a lovely fantasy that happens in the world. But you need not the lottery. You have you!

You are a powerful Creator Being who has been gifted the abilities to co-create with Spirit.

If you seek transformation in your life, allow yourself to begin taking small actions imbued with big intention. Call in your Angels & Guides to work with you. They will amplify the energy of your efforts.

YOU are closest to the source of creation on whatever it is you desire. YOU have been given the ultimate power to focus your energies in service to manifestation.

You are God incarnated as you. You are how God experiences the world as you. So YOU have the divine resources to create what it is you want.

You must remember, you are the child of Divine Father and Divine Mother Earth. You are both spiritual and physical in nature. Therefore to optimally manifest it is best to rally the wisdom and energy from both sides of your family tree. Physical action honors the Earthly part of your nature…. The big intentions, prayer and meditation honors the Spiritual part of your nature. When both come together in gorgeous collaboration the world shifts to accommodate manifesting.

It’s the fastest way to cultivate miracles in your life.

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