Ghosts In Our World by Donna Raymond


Welcome to Fall, the time of year when leaves turn brown and fall from the trees, the days get shorter and the weather starts cooling down.

My name is Donna Raymond and I am a sensitive. I was born with the ability to communicate with the spirit world and have spent the last 25 years using  my God given gifts to help take the fear out of ghosts and to educate people in all aspects of the spirit world. The world is changing day by day and the veils that separate the world of the living from the world of the dead are becoming thinner and thinner. People who have never had a paranormal experience before are now noticing sounds in their homes that have no explanation. They are hearing voices in their homes when no one else is around. Things are being moved, beds are being shaken and a banging is coming from the walls. Late at night you can hear loud heavy footsteps in the hall and when you go and look no one is there.

So,  What is a Ghost? Why do Ghosts haunt places? What can I do if my home is haunted?

Lets start with what is a ghost. A ghost or spirit is the energy that remains after a person dies, it is who we are inside the body. Once our bodies shut down and stop working our spirit is released from the body and  the natural process is to  leave this plane of exigence and move on to our next adventure. But what happens when someone dies and doesn’t move on? The person then goes into an existence that is between the living and the after life.  This existence is not the normal way of being, once we die we are suppose to move on. I have learned over the years that once we are in spirit form our emotions become more intense and if we did something in life that we feel guilty about the emotion will grow more intense as we continue to stay here. So why do spirits stay behind?

There are many reasons I have found in my years of listening to ghosts on why they decide to stay behind. Some stay behind because they fear that they have done something wrong and the fiery pits of hell await them. Some are worried about a family member and stay to make sure that loved ones are going to be ok. Some stay because they love their home so much they don’t want to leave it. Some are afraid of the unknown and don’t want to leave what they know. And still some don’t know that they are dead. There is always a reason why a spirit stays behind.

Here is an example of a ghost that stayed behind because they loved their home so much.

I was contacted by a woman who lives in Berkeley who claimed  that she had a very active ghost that was trying to hurt her. Hearing this I made her a top priority and went to her home within a week. When I walked in the front door I noticed that the energy of this woman was very fast and very frantic. I assumed it had to do with her high fear of what she claimed was an evil ghost. When I go to someones home I do a walk through of every room to see if there are any energies present and then who they are and what they want in the home. It didn’t take me long in this home to find the spirit who was still haunting these premises. I walked into a front bedroom and came in contact with the spirit of a man who was a previous owner of this home. At first all I could feel was an anger radiating from this ghost that was directed at the woman. The ghost told me that he and his wife had owned this house and had raised their family there. He had put a great deal of blood sweat and tears into this home and had many happy years growing old with his wife. He explained to me that his wife had been an immaculate housekeeper, she had spent her life giving him children, cooking and keeping their home in order, this was their pride and joy and the woman who resided there now kept the home a mess. As I looked around the house I started to notice what he meant, the house was a disaster from room to room. Every room in that home was in utter chaos. I spoke with owner about what she had experienced with the ghost, she said that the ceiling light in the kitchen had begun to swing in a circle above her head and came crashing to the floor barely missing her. At night when she went to bed she would be woken up by her bed being shaken violently. She would here loud banging on her bedroom walls that would vibrate her bed. After hearing her accounts of what she felt was the ghost trying to kill her I asked this man if that was his intent and he told me no. He was so angry at the state that this woman kept his house that he wanted to scare her out of there so he could have his home back the way it used to be. I asked the ghost that if I could get this woman to understand his frustrations about the state of the house and get her to clean it up would he leave her alone and he said he would think about it. I then informed the woman of the spirits frustrations and what she needed to do to get the spirit to calm down. She wanted nothing to do with this spirit and just wanted him gone. I wish I had a happy ending to this case but I never heard from this woman again after our one encounter,  but if I had to make a guess I think the ghost probably won and scared this woman out of what he still felt was his home.

So what can you do if you find that your home is  haunted like this poor woman did. One of the things I like to do when I am asked by a family to come and help them with a spirit is to teach them how to take their house back. I have found that in many haunted cases when a family is being effected by a ghost,  most times they don’t talk to one another about their experiences. The worst thing that a family can do is to keep the fear inside and not tell each other what is happening.  Communication is the key to dealing with any kind of haunting going on in a home, once you come together as a family you can take your house back.  Next is finding out who is haunting your home or property, it can be one spirit or many spirits. There was a place where a whole tribe of native American spirits were haunting and the owners were scared to go outside at night. The wife felt like she was being watched through her windows by someone or something that didn’t like her. Once I told them who was haunting their land and why, they were able to calm down and deal with the situation. It was a simple matter of going outside and making an offering to the tribe with tobacco. Once that was done the husband and wife felt a difference in their yard, they didn’t feel the anger as much and the more they did the offering to the tribe the calmer the property got. So finding out who the spirit or spirits are is very important, it helps to take the unknown away. What makes someone afraid is the unknown, not being able to see what is making the bangs or shaking the bed. Once you find out who it is then the next step is finding out why they are acting the way that they are. With the spirit of the man who was angry at the woman for keeping a dirty house he would shake her bed and make loud sounds to try to scare her. She had no idea why the spirit was so angry and trying to scare her. Once she found out the reasons for his outbursts she was able to deal with the situation. Again it’s taking the unknown away and replacing it with understanding. Once you understand you can do something about it.  Taking a house back can be a simple as giving an offering or finding a lost article that the spirit lost. It can also be difficult if the spirit doesn’t want to go and doesn’t want you there either. By setting up rules and boundaries for the spirit or letting them know you want them to go you can take your home back.

I have had the honor of helping hundreds of people reclaim their homes by learning to communicate with each other, understanding who is haunting them and why. Once they have all the information then it’s just a matter of telling the spirit that you wish for them to go and that they are no longer welcome in your home. You may have to repeat yourself over and over again but most times they will leave. If that doesn’t work then calling in a professional such as myself or a reputable paranormal group to come and give support is always an option.

The spirit world is out there and they are becoming louder and louder, my hope is that we all learn to tune in and listen to their story.

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