June 27: Reiki Level II Class


Reiki “Universal Life Force Energy”

Attunements Level II Practitioner

Wednesday June 27th 1:30-5:30 cost $175

Reiki is powerful, yet compassionate technique for these challenging times! It enables us to participate directly in the transformation of the world. I invite you to make use of this amazing opportunity!

Reiki is a Japanese technique Rei meaning “Divine Wisdom” or “Higher Intelligence” and Ki “Life Force Energy,” “Prana” and or “Holy Spirit.” Reiki then means “Divinely Guided Life Force Healing Energy.”

During a Reiki II Attunement you will receive the ability to give Remote Reiki (long distance) treatments. The attunement will be given by Laura Galvin a Grand Master Reiki Teacher who will administer and attune you to this amazing energy to align, balance and adjust your energy pathways to connect you to the source of Reiki. You may feel warmth, see colors or have visions of angels or spiritual beings (your spiritual healing guides.)

You will be provided the second chapter for Level II with sacred information and a beautiful certificate of completion. A light snack will be provided after your attunements to ground you before you begin running the energy on your classmates and our bounty.

Laura Galvin is a Grand Master Reiki Teacher and has been channeling Reiki energy for over thirteen years. She is also a Certified Angel Therapist and Past Life Healer Certified by Doreen Virtue PH. D. She is also a Certified Massage Therapist and incorporates Reiki in her massage therapy work bringing relief and pain management to her clients.
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