The Story of Angel Heart 4 You

Angel Heart 4 You was opened in September 2009 by good friends Carol Mayer, Peg Kelly and Lia Valenzuela.  Carol had a dream for over twenty years to open an inspirational/metaphysical store called Angel Heart.  With the help of a few people her dream has come true.  Many thanks to Ron and Karen Cordes, owners of the previous “A Faery Tale” for providing a loving foundation for the store.  Thanks to Peg Kelly, Carol’s business partner for accompanying her on such an incredible adventure. A huge thanks to Carol’s “undercover” business partner, Lia Valenzuela without whose help Angel Heart 4 You would not be successful.  And a very special thanks to Carol’s good friend Mr. Lenny Krevitz , the original Angel Heart to whom the store is dedicated.

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