Ghosts In Our World by Donna Raymond


Welcome to Fall, the time of year when leaves turn brown and fall from the trees, the days get shorter and the weather starts cooling down.

My name is Donna Raymond and I am a sensitive. I was born with the ability to communicate with the spirit world and have spent the last 25 years using  my God given gifts to help take the fear out of ghosts and to educate people in all aspects of the spirit world. The world is changing day by day and the veils that separate the world of the living from the world of the dead are becoming thinner and thinner. People who have never had a paranormal experience before are now noticing sounds in their homes that have no explanation. They are hearing voices in their homes when no one else is around. Things are being moved, beds are being shaken and a banging is coming from the walls. Late at night you can hear loud heavy footsteps in the hall and when you go and look no one is there.

So,  What is a Ghost? Why do Ghosts haunt places? What can I do if my home is haunted?

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Angel Message: Manifesting & You by Laurel Bleadon-Maffei


These past few months I’ve been continually reminded about the grace of manifestation. Miracles have been coming to fruition and I feel more inspired and on-purpose than I have in a while. Grace is finding me around every turn and days are filled with delightful surprises. The people around me are flourishing, too, and it seems as if we’ve all turned a corner.

As I was contemplating this good fortune, the angels reminded me of this message they brought forward a few months ago. It carries with it a reminder of your true power when it comes to manifesting what you desire. It is with love that I share it with you.

Manifesting Your Dreams Into the World

You are the optimal portal for manifesting your dreams into the world. Your intentions & actions are the primary way that Spirit can bring to you what you desire. Yes, winning the lottery is a lovely fantasy that happens in the world. But you need not the lottery. You have you!

You are a powerful Creator Being who has been gifted the abilities to co-create with Spirit.

If you seek transformation in your life, allow yourself to begin taking small actions imbued with big intention. Call in your Angels & Guides to work with you. They will amplify the energy of your efforts.

YOU are closest to the source of creation on whatever it is you desire. YOU have been given the ultimate power to focus your energies in service to manifestation.

You are God incarnated as you. You are how God experiences the world as you. So YOU have the divine resources to create what it is you want.

You must remember, you are the child of Divine Father and Divine Mother Earth. You are both spiritual and physical in nature. Therefore to optimally manifest it is best to rally the wisdom and energy from both sides of your family tree. Physical action honors the Earthly part of your nature…. The big intentions, prayer and meditation honors the Spiritual part of your nature. When both come together in gorgeous collaboration the world shifts to accommodate manifesting.

It’s the fastest way to cultivate miracles in your life.

Laurel Bleadon-Maffei hosts our weekly Angel Circle at Angel Heart 4 You every Thursday morning at 11:30 am. During the Circles Laurel channels her merry band of Guides, Josephus & the Wisdom Council. We invite you to attend a Circle and partake in the light, love and laughter that Josephus shares with us! Visit Laurel at

Five Tips On How To Be A Good Yoga Student


by Anandi Martinez

You’re probably wondering what this means, but most new students and even ones I’ve had for years, come in for a peaceful experience and end up pushing and straining into most of the asanas. We have been brought up in a very competitive culture and this attitude carries over into everything we do.  When we begin a yoga class ,it’s vital to your experience to prepare the mind to make an effort, but if you have to make a face or muscles start to shake than it’s a sure sign of pushing the body into something it’s not quite ready for. Being a good yoga student means caring for yourself as you would care for others. Isn’t it funny how we can take much better care of our friends and relatives and neglect ourselves terribly? Be good to yourself, take care of yourself, so you then can be of best use to others.

Listen to your teacher. Really listen. For beginners , obviously this is very important, for experienced students, I find them moving ahead ,especially if they know the sequence well. This takes them out of the moment, sometimes makes the movements automatic and robotic, and prevents them from paying attention to the “now”. After all, Our bodies and moods change all the time. When I see this, I always do something different to catch them and “wake them up”. I secretly get amused by this. I love to take people out of their comfort zone and hopefully inspire change. Listening also helps to focus and clear the mind. If you’re really listening ,your focus sharpens and narrows down to that which you are paying attention to and actually becomes a form of meditation. Ultimately ,that’s where we are headed, into a moving meditation. You experience the body fully, clear the mind ,and access the higher mind. Most students don’t realize this is happening, they just know they feel great when they’re done.

Open yourself to the possibilities. Coming into a yoga class with an open mind is crucial to the effects it will have on you. No matter how long you’ve been practicing, coming into class with an open heart and mind benefits everyone! An open mind means more space for opening up the body. Our emotions and how we’ve processed (or not processed) them will determine how much tension there is in the body and where it has manifested. Our job is to come into class ready for restoration, healing, and renewed vitality. We may not always feel that, but at least we came prepared for it. We need to let go of our expectations and just let Yoga do its thing for you, regardless of what we thought we should be getting. The shoudas, wouldas, and couldas always get us into trouble. Open, let go and enjoy the ride!

To be a good Yoga student doesn’t really require much ,except a desire to feel better, There are many reasons people come to Yoga, but to receive the most benefit, consistency is very important, practice on a regular basis, at least once a week, and work up to two or three times a week. If you really get serious, make some time every morning and start your day with a good foundation. For me, all my students are good, and I accommodate them and love each one for exactly who they are now.

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