Angels, Aura and Your Color Chakra System

By Laura Galvin, Angel Therapist, Aura & Chakra Color Biopulsar Analyst and Chromalive Color Light Pen Therapist

One of most important ways to access angel energy is through understanding and working with your aura and color chakras, the subtle energy centers located at various points along your body. Our chakra system links us to the world of spirit. The more we are aware and in tune with them and their color the easier it will be to communicate with the angelic world. With your knowledge of the angels color association you will have better access to angelic energies around your aura.

The Biopulsar Reflexogragh is the most advanced technology that is a biofeedback tool that will inform you of the condition of your aura, chakras and your bioenergic information of your  our 51 organs and body parts.  This is where spiritually and science meet by accessing the “real-time” of your energy at any given moment you can elevate your health and well-being. You will have access to a photo of your aura and chakras along with a full detailed report of your 51 organs. With this information and my training I can give you information and advice and remedies for health and balance. In this way I can give you a greater understanding of not just the health level but also the emotional, mental, physical or spiritual aspects of your “whole” being via the color language of the system.

The Chromalive Color Light Therapy Pen treatments are based on Eastern medicine philosophy. The bioenergies (Yin and Yang) become imbalanced in our daily life in constantly stressed. Resultant of too many stresses the balance of our life energy flow becomes disturbed, illnesses can manifest and the aging process is accelerated. Through the right therapy colors on the reflex zones or acupuncture points the energy of the cells the meridians (energy path ways), aura and chakras can be corrected. The physical, emotional, and mental blockages dissolve and a sense of well-being is restored. When this is achieved you will be more spiritually balanced and at ease as in not dis-eased.

There are three easy steps to the Chromalive Beauty and Wellness Color Light Therapy.

Step one is the Biofield Analysis where the clients hand is placed on the Biopulsar-Reflexogragh hand plate and within one minute an accurate energy analysis of all organs, aura and chakras are measured and shown on the photo and printout.

Step two is Therapy instructions with the help of the Chromalive software the therapy instructions for the color therapy penlight are given. For each organ there is a graphic picture, which illustrates the precise reflex zone in both the hand and face and what the color should be used.

Step Three is the treatment through light and/or massage with the balancing color over the respective reflex zone in the hand/ or the face the energy field can be regulated immediately.


The Effects of the Color Energies and the Angels

Red Archangel Uriel- Activates the vitality, metabolism, and digestion. Increases heart strength and stimulates circulation. Supports the building of the blood. Encourages will, courage and determination.

Orange Archangel Gabriel– Activates lung and thyroid gland. Reduces cramping, strengthens the stomach, eases flatulence and stimulates the building of new tissues.

Yellow Archangel Jophiel– Strengthens the nervous system, stimulates the lymph and digestion. Exorcises worms and parasites. Used as anti-depressant. Brightens the soul.

Green Archangel Raphael- Promotes the release of mucus/phlegm. Aids the respiratory system. Stimulates the brain and digestive system. An overall emotional balancing color.

Turquoise Archangel Haniel-Harmonizes all circulation processes and is good for the regeneration of eh skin (especially burns).

Blue Archangel Michael-Alleviates itching. Helps to shrink tumors and get rid of goiter, warts and inflammations. Blue is calming and is known to lower body temperature (reducing fevers).

Magenta Archangel Raziel & Zadiel- Strengthens the kidneys, circulation, reproductive organs and one’s aura. Harmonizes the emotions and promotes a feeling of selfless love.

This knowledge of the natural effects of color as a gentle therapy method is gaining more recognition for modern anti-aging management and in the near future will play an even more important role in the preservation of beauty and youthful appearance along with balancing the body mind and spirit for accessing your higher self, angels and ascended masters and god/goddess in your spiritual life path and journey. Blessings to you and your spiritual growth.


Laura Galvin is an Angel Therapist Certified by Doreen Virtue PH.D, Color Aura and Chakra Biopulsar Analyst, Chromalive Color Light Therapist, Certified Massage Therapist, Atlantean Healer, and a Grand Master Reiki Teacher. You may access her website for further information at

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