Cinthia Varkevisser


Cinthia Varkevisser uses her 15 years of intuitive practice, teaching and handwriting analysis, classes and coaching to help others discover their intuitive gifts for a lighter and more fluid life.
Fluidity helps forgive the past while forging an optimal future, enjoying connected relationships with self and others along the way.

Cinthia is also a voice of the 5th Dimension. Her intuitive practice and intuitive awareness teachings have led her to align with the 5th Dimension – the energy of change.  From this space, Cinthia is allowed to transmit future based information in the present tense for those seeking a shift from their current life frequency.

You’ll often hear Cinthia say “the odds of two people using their intuition in the exact same way is one in 68 trillion ~ so why not use it for more than just good parking karma.”

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