Laura Galvin

Laura Galvin is an Independent Biopulsar owner and is a Certified Aura/Chakra/Organ Analyst, Aura Counselor/Therapist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). She is also a Certified Angel Therapist, Past Life Regression Healer and Certified Assertive Coach by Doreen Virtue PH.D.

Along with knowledge of a Certified Holistic Massage therapist and Grand Master Reiki teacher, Laura continues to expand her knowledge to share with clients. Laura’s synergy of claircognizance (clear knowing) and knowledge will assist you and your concerns.

Laura works with angels and nature devas using Angel Tarot Oracle Cards with Archangels, Nature Fairies, Mermaids and enchanting images for effective and inspiring readings for your spiritual, health, soul purpose, beloved relationships and career concerns.

AuraStar/Biopulsar Readings with Laura Galvin

Learn About your Chakra Issues and how you can break old patterns. Discover how to empower yourself and reach your full energy potential.

Mind, Body Spirit Readings

The Mind, Body Spirit Readings encompasses an organ vitality check of 49 different organs & glands. You will receive he numerical value of what each of these organs & glands are vibrating at. Laura will give you some explanations about what the emotional causes may be if any of these organs are out of balance. You will receive information on how open each of your 7 chakras are and if any of these are out of balance what you can do to help to put them back into balance. You will also receive your own full body aura picture which Laura will read on a Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual level as well. This is a very in-depth reading that will give you great insight into what you are vibrating out to the world. See what your energy reveals about you.

Nutritional Testing with Mind, Body, Spirit Readings

In addition, Laura is also offering nutritional testing. The client brings 2-3 products that they are presently taking so that she can check to see if these products are of benefit to them. She asks that they do not take these products before they have their testing done. She will also test 2-3 products that she feels might be beneficial to them based on their organ vitality check-up. By testing these products with the Biopulsar, we can see immediately how the aura changes either positive or negative and also how the organ vitality has also changed positively or negatively. “This is the absolute sure way I have saved myself time and money on vitamins and supplements in the past. Experience for yourself and peace of mind you are receiving the right nutrition for your Body, Mind and Spirit.”

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