Linda Grindel


Well let’s see…

I was born in Georgia (some years ago) – my father is Irish/Scottish decent – my mother is Comanche/Mexican – my mother took me to the tribe when I was born, they told her I had the third eye.  I myself am a registered Comanche Indian (registered on the rolls with the government).

Around 1980 I was told I was a great healer and psychic.  I started reading – before I knew it I was reading for loads of famous people in San Francisco (and Hollywood).  The money I earned paid for my Nursing School.  I stopped reading after giving birth to my two sons in 1992 and 1995 – my whole life was sucked up by them.  I fought and thus far won my battle with breast cancer (diagnosed June of 2009).  I have gone through chemo and a double mastectomy.  My reading ability came back a thousandfold.  Now I am a happy single mom living in Marin County (also known as “land of the white people”).  Besides psychic reading I do stand up comedy.  For some reason this is taking off for me.  I am just happy to be out of the house.

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