Sher Alexander

Amplify your consciousness and spiritual clarity.

Sher, a Shaman who is known as Walks with Clouds, offers soul and heart energy readings. Safe and positive in nature, they provide information about the dynamics presently influencing your life, to help you understand yourself with greater clarity.

The energies seen in your energy field provide Sher with the information she needs to help you embrace an understanding of the life lessons you are currently working through; helping you see the options available and the changes you can make in your own life.

Sher began her Shamanic journey when she was four years old with a medicine man who was a friend of her father. Throughout her life she continued this journey, learning from Gary Gent and other mentors, to use her extra-sensory perception through clairaudience (clear hearing), clairvoyance (clear seeing), clair sentience (clear feeling), and clair cognizance (clear knowing) to access energy streams. The energy around you, your energy stream, is uniquely yours and is what you are manifesting right now as you live your life.

Sher is a graduate of New Ventures West, a San Francisco based Integral Coaching Program. She applies her coaching skills and knowledge to help expand new ways of affecting change in your current life.

Watercolor is the artist medium Sher uses to express her wonderful creative nature. The free flow of color as it moves with the water reminds her of the ever-changing flow of energy that colors our lives.

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